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Solid Carbide Tools
Precision solid carbide micro-tools for CNC ploters:
  • Standard End Mills, Spiral End Mills, Tapered End Mills, Down-Cut End Mills
  • End Mills for Wood, End Mills for Plastic, End Mills for Aluminium & DiBond
  • Micro Drill Bits, Diamond Cut & Chip Breaker Router Bits, Engraving Tools
Full line of carbide bits for branches as below:
  • End Mills for Jewelery, End Mills for Signmakers & Steel Rule Die-makers
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Ball-Nosed End Mills for 3D Carving CNC Tools with Tapered Flutes

Tapered End mills, 2/3/4-flute, ball nose

Tapered End mills, 2/3/4-flute, ball nose
Flute geometry - 2, 3 & 4-flute tapered
Tip geometry - ball nose
Overall Length - 50.80 (2.0") & 63.50 mm (2.5")
Flute diameter - 0.80÷6.35 mm
Shank diameter - 6.35 (1/4")
Depth Of Cut - 25.40 mm
Operating CNC - 1k÷40k RPM