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In our offer:
  • Precision carbide micro-tools: End Mills, Drill Bits, Engraving Tools, Tapered End Mills
  • Carbide tools for metals: End Mills for Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Cast Iron, Graphite
  • Accessories & equipment for CNC routers and ploters: Collets, Nuts & Toolholders
  • Machines, equipment & supplies for PCB: Laminators, Photoresist & Soldermask, End Mills
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Microtools Reference Library

Point Styles

Point Styles
Information about available microtools tip point style:

Ball end
Drill point
Fish tail
Shallow fish tail

Inch/Metric Conversion Chart

Inch/Metric Conversion Chart
Inch/Metric Conversion Chart allows you to convert fractions to decimal inches and to metric.

Part Numbering

Part Numbering
Our part numbers consist of 13 alphanumeric digits. Information about Microtools Part Numbering.

Cutter Terminology

Cutter Terminology
Cutter Terminology:

Tip Point Styles
Flute Extension
Shank Chamfer