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Shopping Terms and Conditions

I. General rules:
  1. The owner of the internet shop FrezyCNC.eu called On-line Shop is the company:
    ul. Mikołajczyka 37/1
    72-100 Goleniow
    VAT: PL 8561716912
    REGON: 812691754.
  2. InGraph company located in Goleniow, ul. Mikolajczyka 37/1, is the part of the selling agreement concluded with Customer and appears in the invoice as a salesman of ordered products.
  3. Products are all goods, which Customer can purchase in the On-line Shop within the confines of organized On-line Shop Products Presentation FrezyCNC.eu.
  4. The condition of placing an order in On-line Shop is to fulfill the order form. Registration, Logging, Placing Order, or every single entrance into the Shop is the acceptance of the Rules of the On-line Shop FrezyCNC.eu.
  5. Through placing an order in the Shop, Customer consents to the use of personal datas given in the order form.
    In accordance with art. 24 paragraph 1 Act from August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data, your information will be entered into the database FrezyCNC.eu. Customer can consent to the use of his personal data InGraph in order to promotional-marketing action. According to the protection of personal data article, Customers of the Shop have got right to insight into their data, to its correction or demanding to stop using it.
  6. Shop reserves the right to the refusal of realizing an order, on every step of realization, in case of inaccessibility of items at suppliers or because of other important economic or logistic reasons. In particular, it concerns cases of a mistake or technical fault, where is obvious and glaring discrepancy of price or data of presented products with reality.
  7. Content of the On-line Shop is not an offer in the meaning of civil code. Placing an order, Customer simultaneously proposes to make an agreement.
  8. In case of making an order in the On-line Shop, by phone, by e-mail, the moment of collecting the consignment ordered by the Customer is the moment of concluding a purchase-sell agreement.
  9. Team of InGraph / FrezyCNC.eu makes every effort to describe goods in accordance with reality. We do not bear responsibility for mistakenly given sizes, parameters, usage and features of items. Within 10 days since the purchase, Customer has got right to retract from an agreement without giving reasons, according to rules about the retraction from an agreement made at a distance.
  10. Producers' names and external pictures belong to their owners and are presented on the website only to inform.

II. Offer and prices:
  1. On-line Shop Content FrezyCNC.eu does not pose a commercial offer in the meaning of civil code, so placed order does not mean concluding an agreement. Customer during filling the form makes an offer of buying certain products to company InGraph.
  2. InGraph does not guarantee constant accessibility of offered items in sale or its constant prices.
  3. All information about goods in the offer of On-line Shop InGraph is consistent with the producers' catalog data and is updated. InGraph does not bear responsibility for mistakenly given sizes, parameters, usage and features of goods.
  4. The On-line Shop Offer is not restricted by region. Only adults are allowed to do shopping in the On-line shop InGraph.
  5. All prices in the On-line Shop FrezyCNC.eu are the prices given in Polish zloty (PLN) net or Euro (EUR) net. For domestic customers, 23% VAT tax will be charged. For orders from the European Union, 23% VAT tax will be charged if the customer does not have European VAT number. Customers from outside the European Union, VAT tax will not be charged.
  6. InGraph reserves the right to change prices without previous informing. In such cases InGraph obliges to inform Customer about the situation immediately. In case of lack of a new price acceptance, such order will not be realized. The price change does not concern orders being realized.
  7. InGraph reserves the right to change products' prices being in the offer, enter new products, withdraw items, conduct and cancel promotional campaigns or modify them.
  8. Products' photos in the internet shop can differ from the real look of items, still having proper technical parameters of goods.

III. Making orders:
  1. Orders are taken by the website FrezyCNC.eu, via e-mail or by phone.
  2. Orders can be taken round the clock all year. Orders made on weekday after 12pm, on Saturdays or Sundays and at feasts, will be considered next working day, however not later than within 3 days.
  3. Realization of taken order begins:
    - in case of orders cashed on delivery - in the moment of making the order by the Customer,
    - in case of orders paid by transfer - in the moment of receiving money on the Shop account,
    - in case of orders paid by credit cards – in the moment of transaction's authorization.
  4. Please give an e-mail address and a telephone number when placing an order. If necessary we will contact our Customer by phone on indicated number and we will arrange details of the order and way of realization.
  5. The basic condition of a realization an order is the properly fulfilled form.
  6. Improperly fulfilled form will not be accepted by the Owner of the Shop without any information.

IV. Order realization:
  1. Deadline of order realization is conditioned with the accessibility of goods, however it should not be longer than 7 days for items open for general use, and 2-5 weeks for specialist tools. In case of lacking enough amount of items in stock InGraph reserves right to extension of realization time. In case of payment by credit card, authorization might be additionally verified, what may prolong the process of realization.
  2. On-line Shop System FrezyCNC.eu sends an e-mail message with information of an order to Customer and InGraph does not bear responisibilty for incorrect Internet running, what can have an infuence on not delivering that message. In case of not receiving the e-mail, Customer is obliged to report that fact by e-mail or phone to InGraph company.
  3. InGraph may phone to Customer to verify data from the contact form. InGraph will contact the Customer by phone or e-mail if cannot realize part or whole order to establish next step.
  4. Through sending an order from the shop, Customer declares that he is familiar with the content of On-line Shop Rules of FrezyCNC.eu and is obliged to abidance. In case of breach of Rules or incompatibility of the order with the rules InGraph is entitled to cancel the order without necessity of informing the client. Within the moment of making an order, the Customer entitles InGraph company to draw up an invoice without signature. In accordance with the decree of Minister of Finance VAT invoice does not need the signature.
  5. InGraph reserves the right to realization placed orders in separate parts, after previous information about that fact to Customer.
  6. InGraph reserves the right to the order refusal if it raises suspicions.
  7. In case of lack of telephone or e-mail confirmation, the order will be cancelled.
  8. Customer has got a possibility to resign from the order, which is not being realized; just informing the company InGraph by e-mail or phone about the wish.
  9. Goods will not be sent and placed orders will not be realized when Customer:
    - Have any unregulated payments towards Shop Owner in the range of activities run by InGraph,
    - Did not settle accounts with documents given by InGraph or cooperating entities, according to rules and conditions in the agreement of cooperation with InGraphin range of run business activity,
    - May try to use ordered goods against the purpose or against good interest of InGraph, what can lead to loss of good image of InGraph company or its regular customers. - Above records, determining order's refusals concern cases, when Customer pays for goods in the On-line Shop.
  10. When receipting the goods (pre-paid), the right of ownership and all risks connected with possession and usage of item go to Orderer, in particular the risk of loss or damage. In case of term payment, the right of ownership goes to Orderer when he regulates all obligations; it means full payment for products and delivery.

V. Consigments and delivery costs:
  1. Ordered goods are sent by courier company UPS or by Polish Post.
  2. Additional services (such as: money for cash on delivery, delivery for private address, delivery on Saturdays etc.) are connected with additional charge, and its range is limited by the courier, used within the framework of products distribution in our on-line shop.
  3. Delivery costs established according to valid price list of individual companies and are calculated according to weight, ordered value, additional services an delivery address.
    Delivery cost is automatically calculated during placing an order through the On-line Shop System.
  4. Detailed information about the delivery, Customer can obtain by e-mail or phone.
  5. After making the payment, Orderer has got full right to check the content of the consignment in the presence of courier or post representative if there is no damage of items. In case of possible damages and complaints, there is a necessity of courier's signature on the report drew up in his presence.
  6. Ordered items in the On-line Shop are delivered to the indicated address in the delivery form.
  7. Delivery time will be given by phone or e-mail of Orderer – after checking and confirmating the order.

VI. Forms of payment:
  1. The Customer can choose the following forms of payment for ordered items:
    • pre-payment on the bank account:
      • PLN Account:
        PL 89 1090 1463 0000 0001 5358 8423
        Santander Bank Polska S.A.
        Swift code: WBKPPLPP

      • EUR Account:
        PL 24 1090 1346 0000 0001 5359 0057
        Santander Bank Polska S.A.
        Swift code: WBKPPLPP

      • USD Account:
        PL 13 1090 1346 0000 0001 1490 5394
        Santander Bank Polska S.A.
        Swift code: WBKPPLPP

      On request, we can make out Pro-Forma invoice, which we send to Customer by e-mail.

      Receiver Name:
      Mikolajczyka 37
      72-100 Goleniow

    • cash on delivery
    • Przelewy24.pl – Safe on-line payments
    • PayPal – internet payments and transfers

  2. In particular cases such as:
    - high value orders
    - made to orders products
    - abroad imported products
    pre-payment can be required. The height of pre-payment is established individually for each order, and the payment is made on the basis on pro-forma invoice.
  3. The order will be directed to realization when the full payment appears (realized order for goods according to confirmation sent by our Shop with delivery cost) on the Owner Shop account.

VII. Products guarantee and return:
  1. In case of possible complaints one may contact directly InGraph. The basis of initiation of proceedings complaints is the receipt.
  2. If Customer finds any technical faults (after receiving goods), he may use warranty service.
  3. InGraph takes into consideration complaints only in justified cases, however Customer bears cost of Product delivery to InGraph.
  4. After making a payment, Customer has got right to check the content of consignment in the presence of representative of shipping company.
  5. Complaints concerning mechanical damages of consignment raised during transport will be examined only in the moment of checking the package in the presence of shipping company. The condition of accepting such complaint is the drawing up a report with shipping representative.
  6. Customer is obliged to deliver and collect goods from InGraph company on his own cost.
  7. Customer has got possibility to return the ordered goods without giving reasons within 10 days, dating from receiving items. Returned items:
    - cannot have any signs of usage or mounting
    - must be complete, it contains all included documents and manuals
    - must be sent to seller on Customer cost.
    When product is a part of a promotional campaign, a return concerns the whole assortment from a particular promotional pack or new invoice will be issued for the rest of purchased goods (not returned), taking into consideration terms of purchase beyond promotional campaign.

VIII. Final rules:
  1. All data is gathered only for needs of InGraph company. Data is protected according to Law on Personal Data Protection (Dz.U. 133/97 poz.883). Placing an order, Customer agrees to process personal data by InGraph.
  2. In matters not regulated in this statute, provisions of the Polish Civil Code and Law on protection of consumer rights oblige.
  3. Possible matters not regulated by above records, parties will settle by agreement, and in case of its lack, there will be legal action undertaken in place of InGraph company.
  4. InGraph does not bear responsibility for loss got by Customer in a result of using his user name or password by third persons.
    InGraph does not bear responsibility for loss got by Customer in a result of improper usage of bought items.
  5. InGraph reserves the right to:
    - change price and amount of ordered items in the offer of On-line Shop,
    - introduce new products to the On-line Shop offer and removing any item from the offer,
    - conduct changes and cancelling promotional campaigns on the website of On-line Shop,
    - make alternations in the content of Shop Regulations of FrezyCNC.eu.
  6. InGraph is not responsible for faults during sending e-mails or lack of possibility to realize placed orders, caused by factors beyond company's control.
  7. Court having jurisdiction over InGraph company's seat is the court having jurisdiction for disputes resulting from sale contracts.
  8. Placing an order means the acceptance of above mentioned Regulations.