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PCB Hot-roll Dry-Film Laminators - DFL Series Laminators


    Hot Roll Dry-Film Roll Laminators DFL 4200 and DFL 5200

    The DFL 4200 and DFL 5200 are the first production grade laminators designed for both small and large printed circuit fabricators. These laminators have been designed to be compatible with dry-film photopolymers from all major manufacturers. All of these products are configured to have a photoimageable adhesive on the inside surface protected by a removable liner (peel sheet) made of polyester or polyolefin. When you are laminating one of these films, it is necessary to strip away the peel sheet just prior to pressing the adhesive to the surface of your substrate.

    Built around a 8 Bit microprocessor based lamination process controller, all units are equipped with digital temperature and motor speed controls. Optimum lamination parameters have been preprogrammed for a host of popular films, including our photoresist and soldermask. Although optimized for the application of these dry-film photopolymers, these laminators are unsurpassed in the application of pressure sensitive adhesives and protective laminating films.

    This multipurpose platform will extend your capabilities to the manufacture of flexible circuits, adhesive backed instrument panel labels, transparent overlays and a wide variety of laminated documents.

    General features:

    • top and bottom metal professional frame extenders - rolls upto 150m (500 ft.))
    • independent top and bottom film tension adjustments
    • automatic release liner removal at the same time as laminating
    • stainless steel ball bearing rewinder shafts
    • stainless steel core shafts
    • stainless steel springs with possibility of strain regulation
    • aluminium 76mm - 3" core adapters - compatible with most commercially available film cores
    • brakes for protection of springs
    • stop screws for film mounting
    • regenerative motor drive with variable speed and one touch reverse
    • non-contact infrared roller temperature measurement
    • hardened steel roller/sprocket drive train
    • top grade silicone rubber lamination rollers
    • LCD display - digital display panel
    • 8 Bit microprocessor
    • 4 pre-programmed settings
    • warm-up time only 8-10 minutes
    • enhanced roller pressure
    Hot Roll Dry-Film Roll Laminator
Specifications/Features Model 4200 Model 5200
Laminating width
355 mm (14")
635 mm (25")
Height (with frame extenders)
510 mm (20")
510 mm (20")
570 mm (22")
870 mm (34")
Depth (with frame extenders)
610 mm (24")
610 mm (24")
Net weight
40 kg (90 lb)
55 kg (120 lb)
220-240V - 50/60Hz
220-240V - 50/60Hz
5.7 Amps
7.8 Amps
1300 W
1800 W
Laminating speed
adjustable from 0,15m/min (0.5 fpm) to 1.6 m/min (5 fpm)
Operating temperature range
adjustable from ambient to 130°C (266°F)
Fusion roller temperature control
Lamination speed control
Maximum substrate thickness
5 mm (3/16")
5 mm (3/16")



      Hot-roll Dry Film Laminators - DFL Series
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