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Laminating machines for Printed Circuit Boards:
  • Roll laminators for PCB Dry-films, Sheet Laminators for PCB
Photosensitive Dry-films for PCB production & prototyping:
  • Dry-film Photoresist & Dry-film Soldermask
End Mills & Drill Bits for PCB production:
  • Mechanical Etching Bits, Contour Router Bits, Drill Bits, Countersink Bits
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Selection and Preparation


Dielectric substrates that have been clad with copper foil are one of the basic "raw materials" of the electronics industry. Originally made of phenolic, they are now available in a variety ofmaterials, and thicknesses. Selecting the right "copperclad" depends on theelectrical, thermal, and mechanical characteristics that your application demands. Although there are some pretty exotic combinations to chose from, the vast majority ofcircuit designs can be tested and tweaked using substrates based on a glass/epoxy composite known as FR-4.


Preparing substrates for drilling and through-hole activation.


Cleaning and activating copper foils.